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Faux Painting Finishes 2

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Emily Smith displays examples of her faux painting and decorative finishing below.

Antiquing or aging is a faux painting technique used to simulate natural aging and wear and tear with the use of paint glazes, crackle glazes, bees wax, paper, hammers, sandpaper, or chains to distress and weather an object. A worn look can make an object more comfortable to live with and more relaxing to look at.

Color washing gives a soft, subtle, aged look to your walls. Color washing is a flexible faux painting technique which can be varied in appearance to the way in which the oil or latex paint is wiped off or on. You can use cheese cloth, brushes, or sponges for this finish. Color washing is great for walls that lack personality.

Crackle is a faux painting finish produced by using two varnishes having two different drying times which work against each other to produce a crazed, crackled, effect. The first coat of varnish is applied and left to dry. While the surface is still " tacky ", the second application of varnish is applied.

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