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Faux Painting Finish - Metal Patinas

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    A faux painted metal patina can be applied to any paintable surface or object. Plain wrought iron metal can be faux painted to look like pewter, silver, copper, bronze, gold, aluminum, or platinum. Antiquing patinas can be added to create a subtle, aged look. A verdigris or patina is created when copper is exposed to the elements it turns a chalky, grayish, colored green, and a verdigris begins to form. This faux finish is frequently used on furniture, ornaments, and wrought iron railings. For indoors, a water-based black matte paint, white matte paint, as well as turquoise-blue, dark green, and raw umber universal tints. For outdoors, oil-based paint equivalents of the water-based paints and mineral spirits. First paint the base coat white, apply a second coat of gray, sponge or brush on the dark green, blending any obvious harsh marks with a stippling brush, while still wet, sponge on the darker turquoise mixture, blend, add the milky turquoise color with a brush to create highlights, and dust with rotten stone or spackle dust. To simulate a streaking, soak a sponge in water (water-based paint) or mineral spirits (oil-based) and dribble down the wet paint finish. Emily Smith specializes in faux painting, fine art, and decorative finishes. She displays photographs of her faux painting metal patina work.

Faux painting bronze metal patina on wrought iron
Faux painting bronze metal patina on wrought iron

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