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Faux Painting & Decorative Finishing Techniques 6

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    Emily Smith specializes in faux painting, fine art, decorative finishing, trompe l'oeil and murals. She describes her faux painting techniques and decorative finishing techniques. She also displays her faux painting techniques and decorative finishing techniques through the examples below.

faux shagreen leather - this faux painting technique is used to produce a faux leather look of shagreen with it's fine pitted circles. Genuine shagreen is leather that has been pressed with small seeds into the soft leather surface to create a pitted effect then it is traditionally dyed pale gray-green. This faux finish is useful on small, flat objects, like jewelry boxes or a table inlay. A white oil-based paint, tinted with a color, is applied and left to dry, then paint the colored glaze onto the object or surface, stippling any visible brush marks. While the faux glaze is wet, spray a fine mist of water over the surface. Lastly, when the object or surface is dry, the object can be varnished, sanded, and a second coat of varnish applied to finish.

faux stone blocking - a faux painting technique used to the create the illusion of stone blocks with grout lines. The base coat consists of an cream colored water-based paint (apply two coats, this will be the underlying groat color when finished). Measure and tape off the blocks on your walls using 1/8" tape for the grout lines, apply water-based spackle mix with paint to the blocked areas and allow to dry. Additional colors can be sponge or rubbed on, let dry and carefully remove the tape. For a three dimensional look, use a diluted darker color to shadow the grout lines underneath the blocks.

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