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Faux Painting & Decorative Finishing Techniques 10

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    Emily Smith specializes in faux painting, fine art, decorative finishing, trompe l'oeil and murals. She describes her faux painting techniques and decorative finishing techniques. She also displays her faux painting techniques and decorative finishing techniques through the examples below.

grisaille - this faux painting technique uses a decorative monochrome painting method simulating architectural details, statues, cartouches, carved stone ornaments, and sculpture. Sometimes used as the under painting for trompe l'oeil. Traditional colors used are gray, blues, reds, and terra cottas. A single light source is decided and the artist chooses three basic tones of his color choice. Grisaille may also be used as a finish by itself or as an under painting for a mural.

hand painted furniture - many faux painting techniques such as cloth dragging, brush dragging, flogging, spattering, distressing, lining, color washing, faux marble, faux leather, crackle glaze, stippling, moire', ragging, sponging, aging and antiquing are useful as decorative finishes for furniture.

lime washing a special lime based paint is used in this faux painting techninque. This white paint can be used alone or waterd down and layered over your existing base paint and rubbed off to produce a soft "chalky" or "cloudy" look. Also used to revitalize brick and stucco sufaces.

metal leaf an extremely thin sheet of metal, such as bronze or aluminum, that is used for gilding. Also called Dutch metal.

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